Tailormade consultancy
Tailormade consultancy

Tailormade consultancy, traning and managementsupport on request.

For this we will make a case by case offer, depending on the amount and kind of support needed.

Standard checks
Standard checks

Standard products

These products have a fixed price and can give very quick improvements of the results on the farm. These standard products are; offercheck, the egg quality check, feedwastage check and climate check.

Do you want a Offercheck, the egg quality check, feedwastagecheck or climate check?

Direct check request


  • Offercheck


    Often when building new poultry houses a number of offers from different suppliers is asked. Making a good comparison between these different offers is often very complicated. And often you can not compare apples with apples. With the offercheck we analyse and compare offers on a systematic way. And we will write a clear report, which will help you to make the best possible choice for your situation.

  • Feedwastagecheck


    The costs of feed on the farm is about 70% of the total costs. If the feedconsumption of the birds is a lot above the standard of the breeding company most probably the reason is not that the birds consume to much feed but that to much feed is wasted. We will check the complete feedingsystem from silo to bird, and we will write a clear report how and how much you can save on feedcosts. if you wish we can also guide the implementation of these advises.

  • The egg quality check

    The egg quality check

    On many farms the egg quality and the number of sellable eggs can be increased. Of course this will have a positive effect on the farm income. With the egg quality check we will first analyse what are the reaons of the secondclass eggs and after that we will analyse what is needed to increase the number of sellable eggs. We will give a clear advise on how to increase the number of sellable eggs. And if you wish we can also guide the implementation of these advises.

  • Climate check

    Climate check

    Often the climate in the sheds is not optimal for the birds. Of course this has a negative influence on the results. With our equipment we are able to analyse the climate on different places in the shed. We compare the results with the standards that the birds need for optimal production. We will write a clear report about what is needed to improve the climate and if you wish we can also guide the implementation of these advises.

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Companies we have worked for

• CP Zhanjiang China • Arabian farms KSA
• DPDA China • Al Ain poultry farm UAE
• KALETER China • RAK poultry farm UAE
• Harim South Korea • Arabian farms UAE
• Al Jazeerah KSA  • Grand Mills UAE
• Wadi Fatimah KSA • Asl a Tavakol Iran
• Fakieh KSA • Vet Effect Holland
• Rahima KSA • Dutch Poulty Centre Holland
• Al Otair KSA • European Bank for Reconstruction 
• Al-Watania KSA    and Development England
• Aeres Training Centre • Dutch Poultry
   International Holland    Centre Holland